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"10 Years and No Grapes!!"

10 Years and No Grapes!!

Bueno, met Cesar Chavez at a function in Everett WA where I brought him to speak to an audience of 200 or more people about workers rights. I had quit eating grapes in support of the grape workers and marched to help increased wages at that time. Loved grapes. but felt same as Cesar does, wages and working conditions should be equitable and safe for everyone, we can not be pick and chose we must strive for equality in all areas of our lives.Bringing Cesar to Everett WA was an amazing experience, Cesar was a kind man, with soft eyes and a sunny disposition. Took a nice pic with him, that still have which I plan to pass on to my daughter as she’s aware nature of he’s work. I am glad to have met him and we are   acknowledging the work, it is very important to continue, Si Se Puede!!!