Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"10,000 candles, held aloft by 10,000 hands in the Sacto Valley Night"

My father and mother had been volunteering with the great Delano to Sacra march since it left 40 Acres - as children we marched a bit but not the entire way like Cesar and so many Campesinos, since we lived in the Sacto area we were able and honored to walk the last couple of miles to the State Capitol that crisp and clear valley night. As we turned the corner on to Capitol Avenue the tens of thousands candles came into view. Wow. Even as a child you knew it was something special. The stillness. The quiet. So many collectively contributing to this powerful and quiet moment. All waiting for Cesar and the Marchers…

Later that night, camped out like Zapata’s Army at the nearby Cathedral - the women cooked for the Marchers in the morning - the young lawyers and writers lit by flash lights and lanterns wrote and prepared thru the night. I wanted to be one of those writers, like my early hero Judy Graham.