Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"1965 and 1970"

My Late Father was very active suppor when he came to Earlimart he was former in Lucas Company then he went to work in Company Chennly, when Cersar Chavez begin his March I remember my father said that Cesar CHavez was a good man because he had the Virgin of Guadalupe March.send that time my father was activist in Mexico,,he went to jail, at time of strike he became security at 40 Acres, my father had 11 children, of the eleven children just two his children liked the Lucha me and my Brother Edemecio who went to Boycotted to New York, I came to u.s.a when I was 13 years old no English,my father taking to strike in 70 and I volunteer to 40 acres in the office with Esther Uranday that when I satring to do what I do today, Services to people, then in 1984 my husband Lupe and I and family went to Toranto candad to Boycotted the wrath of Grapes we were their for 3 years i work their for 3 years wirh David Martinez, doing Mailngs, videio sending, to the people then we came back and I stop working in U.F.W in 2002 and open my office in High st doing services then when Cesar chavez Die I remember that my husband was working to with U.F.W.my husband was working withe United Farm workerd when we came back he too need to work because in the time we were pay about 86 dollars every two week and we had a Daughter she was turning 15 years old in a year he had to work to do what every young Girl dream a Quincinera so he had to leave tha U.F.W. and my husband and I return to work to U.F.W when Cesar Chavez Died I started working on August 15,1993 and Lupe started in August 30,1993 and I was their doing services going to Marches, doing campaigns, I work in campaign in Bear creek and voluntter polical camapin in Los angeles in Delano, where ever the Union need help. I work for U.F.W for 11 years. so many thing I had to share with my Children and my family I and very proud what did in my LIfe now I have a Bussiness because two men as my teacher Cesar Chavez and my Husband Lupe Martinez and their other man that I owed what I am today is Luke Cole, I am very thankfull for the support of my husband because he belivee in me to stop working in the field, that I loved very muich. I will always have all that I voluteered and and the sacrifies that I did in part of my Life in the U.F.W. because I consider my family the U.F.W until and as long as have the last breath, thank you I have many stories but I will never finish.  I am sure a lot people has a lot menories with U.F.W . we should be very pround for volunteering the activism and contribution and sacrifices that we all did in 1960 and 1970 because we did sacrifies our self and our children. Thank you