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"A 12 Years Old From Los Angeles"

A 12 Years Old From Los Angeles

When I was 12 years old and even younger I would volunteer and distribute leaflets at local supermarkets in my neighborhood. I would get a stack of 100 and it would usually take 8 hours to get rid of all of them. At the time I did not know the true meaning behind what I was doing only that I was educating people about the boycott and what was happing on the fields of United States of America. I used to some times hold BOYCOTT GRAPE signs along Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles all day long and at the end of the day my hands would stay curled from holding the boycott sign. At the time many years ago the receivers of the message would flip me off and yell negative things to us and myself. The people I would hand the boycott leaflets to would crumble them up and toss it on the floor just as I handed it to them. I was taught to be non-violent and never to share my opinion about what I felt, so I always kept my mouth shut. I was very sad to see they way America treated a 12 year old boy who was just being a messenger. Lucky for me at 12 years old I had the opportunity to visit La Paz in Keen, California and meet Cesar Chavez in the summer of 1974 and later in 1978 we would live at La Paz and attend all the UFW functions and be able to live with all the families at the UFW Head Quarters. I will never forget the time I spent living in La Paz and being part of the UFW was the most important thing I ever did in my life. Like Cesar would say “SI Se Puede”