Cesar Chavez

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"A long road to Freedom"

A long road to Freedom

A long road to Freedom
I first met wth Cesar to help stop Oscar Gonzales from orgaizing grape workers with the Teamsters in the Santa Clara valley.Then I marched with him in Delano.Back in San Jose we formed a committee To promote the boycott of grapes and regularly were in from of stores promoting the boycott.
I also arranged for Cesar to meet with Ralston-Purina in the rectory at Transfiguration church to work out contract for the mushroom factory in Watsonville.
Fr. Eugene Boyle and someone and I went over the years to any number of growers to urge them to negotiate contract. We met and demontrated in front of Costal Berries in watsonville several times where I said mass with the workers and where Fr. Gene , Martin Sheen, myself and a couple others were"busted’
for refusing to move from the entrance.
Since then we have continued our financial support and signed onto petitions addressing pesticide use and other unfair labor practices.
The UFW is still on the top of my list because Cesar has been a real inspiration for me all these years..