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"A Spy for the Union!"

A Spy for the Union!

In the summer of 1971, I spent a few weeks as a volunteer spy for Cesar Chavez, staying at La Paz, the union headquarters at that time.  I used my cover, as being a Professor of Economics, to “interview”  a number of growers for a research project, as to “How do grape growers respond to periods of marketing uncertainty (ie., a boycott).”  Given a list of growers, I went to personally interview the growers as to how they were responding to the grape boycott.  The growers generally treated me in a hospitable manner and aswered my questions.  As they talked I looked around the room to learn the labels they shipped under.  I learned about many scary tales from the growers - running over pickets, etc.  Some even cried in telling their stories! would come home at night and after dinner Cesar would sit around the table and we would talk about which of the tales were true.  I will never forget that summer!