Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"A thirty minute "mano a mono" with Cesar"

A thirty minute

I was privilaged to meet with Cesar “one on one” during a thirty minute period back in the early 70’s. At that particular time Cesar was recovering from one of his recent fasts. The meeting was set up by my very good and dear friends Carlos and Linda Legrette who living and working in La Paz, the UFW’s Tahachape mountain headquaters. I nad traveled to La Paz from San Diego with Salvador Rnberto Torrez ( Queso) another very dear and good friend and one of our most renound Chicano artist. For thirty minutes I spoke to Ceasar about my dream of designing and building an entire semi sub terrian city for La Raza along the California central coast. At that time I was a university Urban Studies and Planning student and a community activist in San Diego’s Barrio De La Logan. After kindly hearing me out, I asked Cesar what he thought. Cesar then shocked me with just TWO words ! He said Abrán, ” Do it. “