Cesar Chavez

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"A vato loco from Boyle Heights who saw the light throught the UAW."

A vato loco from Boyle Heights who saw the light throught the UAW.

I first heard of Cesars farm worker movement when i became active in the United Automobile Workers union at Norris Thermador in Vernon, Cal.  I felt motivated by the images I saw in the new which reminded me of I arrived in L.A. from El Paso, Tex.

My dad was an ex gi in the second world war it reminded me of the hardships we faced on a daily basis, the attitudes of some of the white teachers when we spoke spanish because that was my language at home.

So when I saw the images of the kids some in torn pants and wornout tennis shoes it motivated to get involved in the lucha por la justicia de nuestra gente and all working peoples struggle for justice and equility for all workers.

I went to work for L. A. federation of Labor in 1990 and was fortunate to directly with brothers and sisters from the UFW among them a homeboy from my stomping grounds Gus Romero AKA “EL Compis”.

I was part a team that was organized against the “fast track and the NAFTA campaigns, early in 1997 I was part of a team send to Watsonville, Ca. to form and organize a march in support UFW strawberry workers by national AFL-CIO and all of its affiliates.

On Sunday April 13th, 1997 we organized the biggest march I had ever seen in my life we doubled the the population in Watsonville to 60,000 people in the city supported by 33 different states in the United States and about 100 organizations throughtout the states.

I’m still active even while I’m retired inspired and motivated Cesar Chavez legacy
Zapata vive y la lucha sigue, no justice no peace!!!!