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"Always a Union Man"

Always a Union Man

I was brought up in a working class home, from a family of former migrants, hard working, blue collar, salt of the earth…like most people. We learned that regardless of occupation , income…to be proud, educated and fearless. My father had been involved in unions and I was taught to appreciate the need to organize and stick together.
One day in the early or mid 60s, I can only remember I was fairly young, while visiting family friends in San Francisco, The City, at least at the time way bigger than San Jose, we were met by pickets as we entered the parking lot of I believe a Safeway, somewhere in the Mission. I recall my father stopping to speak with the pickets and quickly confiring with our caravan of familia. “vamonos de aqui. Valemas que seportar los trabajadores, la Union.” My families solidarity with and as working people, was firmly and forever inprinted in my being. As a college student years later, I too joined the boycott & picket lines. I have carried on that legacy as a working class hero, for I’m a Union Man!