Cesar Chavez

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"Always connected"

Always connected

I first heard of the UFW as a teenager in Colorado after Bobby Kennedy visited Cesar. I realized right away that it was about so much more than a union. It was about the struggle of immigrants to be treated with dignity and respect - as people of worth. I first became involved personally when the grape boycott was announced. It wasn’t long before it became “cool” not to eat grapes. It seemed like such a long time before grapes were back on my table! I was very fortunate to meet Cesar at a CWA Convention a few months before he passed. I count myself privileged because I got to shake his hand and thank him for what he had done for working people. In 1999 I was able to help former UFW staffer Scott Wildman get elected to the California State Assembly. As a delegate to the LA County Federation of Labor from 1988 to 2005, I participated in some job actions with UFW members and got to see Arturo Rodriquez on a fairly regular basis. When I was elected President of CWA Local 9503, I impressed other CWA leadership when Artie agreed to speak to the members of my local. Cesar’s legacy lives on!