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"Back in the Day"

Back in the Day

In 1968 I was twelve years old and these Japanese farmers and a caravan from Livingston went to Delano. Robert Kennedy was there with Cesar during his fast. I remember when Robert was leaving, this white guy picked me up in the air and with the Brownie camera grandma Lola lent me, I took a pic. Then on the ground Robert looked down and shook my hand. From then on over the years to come I marched with Cesar and joined in the Gallo boycott. Sometimes Cesar came to Livingston, with Teatro Campesino. Sometimes he stayed across the street at the Urrutias I marched with Cesar and the UFW in Stockton and up and down the Valley.  I took pics of the march in Livingston in 1984.  In 1988 I was there in Delano when he fasted again. I took pics and have two VHS tapes of some actors and the people and Cesar. I also have a video of boycotting at the store there in town. These memories and more will always be with me until I cross over..