Cesar Chavez

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"Berkeley to Chicago to Honolulu"

Berkeley to Chicago to Honolulu

Aloha, UFW Supporters!

With some interruptions, I have been a supporter since joining in the Peregrinacion to Sacramento, 1969.  I was then a seminary student in Berkeley. 

After moving to Chicago, we became active in the Grape Boycott, Huelga! and successive boycotts, walking the picket lines.  My husband at the time worked for the Farmworker Ministry of the Council of Churches.  For years, I never bought grapes for our family or events.  For a period, through the Letters to the Editor of the Japanese American Citizens League, I carried on a carried on a dialogue with a Nisei grower who opposed the Farmworkers. 

After returning home to Hawai‘i, my connection with the UFW made me pay closer attention to the history of plantation workers in Hawai‘i- including the working arrangements for recent “guestworkers”.  Though I contribute regularly to the UFW, it has been kind of lonely here, and I wished Honolulu could organize a Chavez observance.  I have counted Cesar as one of my heroes in life, and kept his picture on my bulletin board in our social service agency.  I would talk with Chicana workers about my admiration and respect for Cesar and the UFW.

My seminary mate Cynthia worked in Delano when her family was young.  We reconnected two years ago, and talked about maybe revisiting Delano/ La Paz/ Keene, when our grandchildren are older.  Someday…