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"Biggest Regret of My Life"

Biggest Regret of My Life

I was 14 when a great opportunity was afforded me. Unfortunately, i was anything but interested in marching with Cesar Chavez, for a very important cause.

It was 1963. I was in our family home in San Jose, laying accross my Father’s comfortable recliner, with one leg over the armrest.  My Mother walked in, very excited, and said: “Mija; vamos a marchar con Cesar Chavez!  Ahorita se estan juntando aqui en San Jose.”

i didn’t move. I said to my Mom; “Ay Ama, no tengo ganas de ir.  Mejor aqui me quedo.”  “Andale. Vamos, pa que lo conoscas!”  But i just lay there.  There was no changing my mind.  I missed the only opportunity to meet an amazing man; and march for a cause that meant so much to so many.

Because of his struggles and sacrafices, Cesar Chavez became my Hero. And the missed opportunity became the biggest regret of my life