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"Boston Connection"

Boston Connection

I first got involved as a young teen going with my mother, Jean B. Healey, who participated in the Grape Boycott in 1968.  This involved marching in rallies in Boston and picketing in local supermarkets.  In 1973, Carl Getlein, an organizer from the Boston office on Harvard Street in Dorchester spoke at our school (Hingham HS) and persuaded a number of us to join the grape, lettuce and Gallo wine boycott.  I picketed, leafleted, did paste-ups and went to rallies during that time for the UFW.

In 1974, I traveled with Cesar Chavez on two separate occasions in the New York and New England areas providing secuirty and driving.  I still remember Dolores Huerta.  It is a great memory for me.  I have a letter from Cesar himself thanking me for my service and I have it framed for my five children to see, all of whom dedicate themselves to some sort of public service.  I met the woman I later married on the picket line at the Cohasset A&P and our service to the UFW.  Her name was Esther Cundari.  I introduced her to Cesar at a rally at BC in 1974 and we both share a bond that goes back almost 40 years.  Viva La Huelga!