Cesar Chavez

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"Boycott Grapes"

Boycott Grapes

For about 3 years in the late 60’s I became very involved with Cesar Chavez’s farm workers movement.  I spent hundreds of hours standing in front of various grocery stores holding my Boycott Grapes sign and talking with people about the need to obtain rights for farm workers and their families. I lived in east L.A. and was in grad school at UCLA and then a clinical social worker at E.L.A. County Mental Health.  I had the great honor to be Cesar’s guest in his home in Kern county on several occasions.  He was a hardworking, gentle, intelligent man who was my hero.  Another hero for me was Dolores Huerta.  I became involved in the chicano movement in East LA as well and helped open a free clinic.  I am of Italian heritage, not Hispanic, but was raised in a Quaker meeting which emphasized equality and social justice.  I am grateful for my involvement with UFW and my relationship with Cesar Chavez and his organization.