Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Boycott Safeway in Salinas, California"

My first experience of boycotting was in the ‘60’s at the Safeway store on Market Street next to El Charrito and Sacred Heart Church.  I seen red and black flags and people going in circles in front of the store.  I was actually proud to be a Mexican.  My mother explained that it was important for people to fight for their rights. When I was in college I joined M.E.Ch.A. a student organization and we had alot of marches and were activist for the farmworkers as well as other issues.  This activism kept me in school.  Cesar Chavez always said stay in school! I did. This has lead me to be a union organizer for the boycott on coors, boycott on grapes and now a supporter of the UFW. I am a supporter of SEIU Local 105 - Justice for Janitors -and former union organizer here in Denver, Colorado. I support the Cesar Chavez National Holiday!!! and collect petition for him.  For ever, Si, se puede! Patricia Ramirez.