Cesar Chavez

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"Boycott Safeways"

Boycott Safeways

When I was a young teen my family was very involved with the Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez.  Cesar Chavez came to our house for a meeting once. We lived in Oakland California my father was a firefighter and we came from a working class family. My family consisted of 5 children ages 13 to 2 at the time.  My mother and father would take us to Safeways near our home and we would stop cars from coming in if we could and would hand out flyers about the farmworkers fight in the grape fields.  This was in the late 1960 early 1970’s .  My mom and I would sew flags for the farmworkers.  This experience has taught me that it is important to stand up for the workers in this country.  I am very proud of my family envolvment in fighting for the farm workers.