Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Boycotting grapes and lettuce"

In 1969, I helped lead a school walkout to end the discriminatory actions against mexicanos and blacks at Crystal City High School at Crystal City, TX. I believe the walkout opened te eyes of many Mexican americans nationwide and helped to start a movement to improve our status as American citizens. During my senior year ( 1970-1971 ) several of us ( students ) would spend our afternoons and weekends picketing at the different grocery stores asking people not to buy non union products, especially lettuce and grapes. During that year, we had the priviledge of having Cesar Chavez come to Crystal City and visit with us. I still have his autograph and it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I went on to college and joined MECHA and continued to fight for the causes Cesar Chavez and the rest of us initiated. Thoughout my teaching career, I instilled on our students the necessity to educate themselves and to unite in common causes. I am now semi retired but teach GED classes for migrant and seasonal workers. Many of these students either fall behind in their studies or drop out because they have to work in the fields to help support their families. Having been a migrant, I know first hand the hardships one endures, not only in the fields, but also as far as housing, trwatment, and other things are concerned. Three years ago, I took close to 150 people to work at a factory in louisiana. I was appaled at the living conditions and at the fact that many of these people were not getting pay raises, even though it was stipulated in their contracts. Because many people did not speak English and the factory had non spanish speakers, no one complained about this. I sdid and many of these people were given the pay raises they deserved, some getting raises going back to ten or more years. I finally called the EPA about the working conditions and the housing problems. The factory was sited and told to make improvements. Needless to say, I was not asked to return and a non english speaking person was given my position. I have, and will continue to fight for those who are America’s hardest workers. At this time, and for over a couple of years, I have been donating $50.00 a month to the United Farm Workers. It is not much but I know that it will help..Que viva la causa…SI SE PUEDE