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"Cesar 1970's visit in Ann Arbor, Michigan."

Cesar 1970's visit in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As a child of eight years old, I boycotted grapes & lettuce at the A & P grocery store for a few weekends while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Later, Cesar came to speak in Ann Arbor and the speech was held in the backyard of a huge mansion with hundreds of supporters to hear his great words of encouragement to continue speaking out about the atrocities made against migrant workers (pesticide exposure, poor working conditions, ect.). After his speech, people were invited to go up to the podium to shake his hand. My mother encouraged me to go up and meet him and I remember him scooping me up into his arms and pinching my chubby cheeks! He spoke words of endearment in Spanish and at the time, I did not truly understand the significance of this great man until much later in life. When I read about his death in the newspaper in the early 90’s, I remember crying realizing that Cesar Chavez was a “angel” for many, including myself, and how the world lost one of humanity’s great angels. He remains a wonderful example of how we, as world citizens, must continue to gather our courage to speak and work to bring in a more humane, caring and just world for future generations. Intimidation by big corporations cannot silence our voices no matter how they will try. Viva Cesar! Vaya con Dios!