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"Cesar at UC Santa Cruz"

Cesar at UC Santa Cruz

When I was an undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz Cesar Chavez often visited the campus and spoke to large audiences of students, faculty and staff.  I was a student in the audience.  It was as if he spoke to me directly and the most common theme in all of his talks was, “you must do well here and graduate so that you can go out and serve your community.”  I was hearing this message from my professors and heard it all my life from my parents, but it was really special to hear it from Cesar Chavez and I made a commitment to serve.  After UC Santa Cruz I went to Stanford University for my doctorate in education.  Since graduating from Stanford I have taught many undergraduate and graduate students (20 years worth of teaching and mentoring).  A majority of my students are first generation college students like myself and I feel that this is the work that Cesar wanted me to do!!  Some of my students are now professors themselves and when I help them get their doctorates and academic jobs all that I ask of them is that they help and mentors others, to not buy into the idea of the academy as an isolated ivory tower but to reach out to community and continue to prepare students for service like Cesar taught me to do.