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"Cesar Chavez: A Gift to Humanity"

Cesar Chavez: A Gift to Humanity

César Chavez taught me that ANYONE can extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Christ. While many of us closed our eyes to what was happening out in the fields, he acted; he used his God-given gift of love and faith to inspire not only ordinary people like me, but, powerful men and women,  to stand alongside him and his cause.
I met Cesar Chavez in the 70’s when the Dioceses of San Diego, Calif. invited him to come and speak to different representatives of local parishes. The farm workers were on strike and there was a need to help them with living expenses.  He spoke to us of non violence because he knew if we committed to his cause not everybody would stand with us. 
After his talk, he came over to thank me for being there. He knew before hand who was to be present.
Our parish held fund raising activities; we even went as far as to stand with the strikers at local Supermarkets’. I remember holding a picket sign boycotting lettuce and grapes.  A first for me, but, what a wonderful feeling!
César Chavez inspired people to act, to right a wrong.
I left California in 1979 to move to Texas. I found that no matter where one resides in this great country of ours, there is always someone, somewhere that needs a helping hand.  And, we can all do it.
Si Se Puede!  Truer words well spoken!