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"Cesar Chavez and Teatro popular de la vida y muerte"

Cesar Chavez and Teatro popular de la vida y muerte

I wish i had a picture to submit for this story, but i know my memories are still intact. The whole process of change in 1969 included the consciousness raising i went through after transferring from Los Angeles City College to Long Beach State and marching with Cesar Chavez. I became involved with an agit-prop guerrilla street theatre formed on the campus of LB State(now called California State University Long Beach). We were called upon to join Cesar in one of his marches in Delano.We drove up in Mike Archuleta’s Ford van, to the historic Catholic church that was the meeting place for local parishoners and all the out of town activists. The social justice messages of Cesar were “ringing” in our hearts and minds, as well as all the anti-war rhetoric and anti-racist sentiments. But Cesar’s non-violent stance and his “fasting for universal justice” rang louder than anything. God bless the soul of Cesar Chavez.