Cesar Chavez

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"Cesar Chavez my Godfather."

July of 1969: as my family began its annual trip to the picking fields of Bakersfield for Guimarra vineyards, we had done this since 1965. At the age of 12 years, my mother (R,I,P)Natividad(Naty) Miranda was a Chavista to the bone, as a devoted catholic i made my confirmation in a small town of Lamont, Ca. The late Cesar Chavez was my padrino, which this was an honor to me and has ever since been. Everyone has an idol, a mentor, mine is Cesar Chavez. Although he is gone i now that some day we will see again. Mr Chavez has inpired me since a kid, and since then i have been involve in my community and i owe it to him in his memory, hardwork and legacy of Cesar Chavez. Que viva Cesar Chavez, Que viva La Causa y Que viva la union. Si Se Puede!!!