Cesar Chavez

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"Cesar Chavez was always there for us."

Cesar Chavez was always there for us.

Back in the 70s when my father worked for Cesar Chavez as a Regional Manager in Calexico, Cesar Chavez would give us money for our Christmas presents.  My mother worked at the medical clinic he had in Calexico and Cesar even spend a night at my house when he came to Calexico.  Him, his guards and his dogs.  We would following him all the way to jail as some people would sit on the top of the police cars and we would sit outside the jail and sing songs.  I remember when the 20 something farmworkers died in a crash and how the people carried their coffins on their backs all the way to the graveyard. He will always be in my heart as a careing generous man, humble and hard working.  May God bless his work.