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"Cesar Gave Courage"

Cesar Gave Courage

I was 15, a naive anglo suburban kid who didn’t think about where food came from even though as a child I’d picked vegetables in Ore-Ida fields with my grandmother. On a church trip from Seattle to Southern California we met Cesar and UFW people in a field. Their courage changed my life. Back home I tried to talk to my family. They said, farmworkers are fine and have nothing to complain about. It made me cry. They said I was rude for crying. I cut class and picketed Safeway. I leafletted students. A teacher dumped my leaflets in the garbage. I pulled them out when the teacher was gone and passed them out. I couldn’t talk well about what I knew, but did what I could, even when teachers and family mocked me as emotional and uninformed. Muchas gracias Cesar and UFW.