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"Cesar inspiring healthy eating"

Cesar inspiring healthy eating

My nephew, Jeff Johnson, is a philosophy professor at St. Katherine’s in St. Paul, MN.  Jeff became a dedicated vegan and now is a foremost spokesperson for both healthy eating and animal rights in the Upper Midwest.  He tells me he is very much inspired by Cesar’s own vegan eating habits and Cesar’s advocacy for animal rights.

So an Anglo philosophy professor is inspired by Cesar’s advocacy 20 years after his passing and that professor now advocates for healthy eating in a part of the country where one might least expect to see the influence of Cesar Chavez.

Pretty remarkable how Cesar continues to inspire so many different people in so many different places.

As for myself I continue to have the good fortune to reach out to farmworkers every day in administering the medical and pension plans that Cesar first created.  While the bracelets with “WWJD” were popular with some evangelicals in the course of administering the plans I often find myself guided by asking “What would Cesar do?” - maybe we should make some “WWCD” bracelets….