Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Cessar Chavez recruits Rev.Eve Nunez for boycott's"

I was working at a Phoenix restaurant as a Cook in the early 70’s, when a waitress told me to wait on customer ,because she had to go to bathroom. The man was Cesar Chavez, he told me about the hard working condition of the Farmworkers. How they were suffering because they had to work long hours bent over with a little hoe. He also told me that in Arizona they would get paid less is they were mexicanos. I told Cesar that my dad was a retired Veteran and had 19 children and worked the fields to take care of his family. I also told him my older brothers and sisters also worked the fields.  He said the hispanics get one dollar an hour the others get paid two dollars and tweenty five cents. I told Cesar that I had worked the grape fields during my junior high years. That day ,after hearing Cesar’s compelling story I called my mother and told her I was going to go Boycott outside of a Safeway store. My dad called me back and said let me meet this man and shake his hand. This was the beginning of my advocacy work for Farm Workers. I did march with Cesar in Marana Arizona, Fresno ,Delano California. I had the opportunity to pray with Cesar many times and ask God’s protection on us. I also prepared meals for Cesar Chavez, Bill Soltero,Billy ,Hector Ledezma, and Sonny Montoya while also volunteering to boycotts grapes and lettuce. Still In God’s service, Rev Eve Nunez