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"Changing a World View"

Changing a World View

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a white middle class family, went to Catholic school, and led a pretty sheltered life.  I remember being in my car driving with my family to southern California to visit my grandparents and see people—men, women, and children—stooped over in the fields picking vegetables and felt so bad for them for it looked like such hard work.  When I read about Cesar Chavez I was curious.  His brave actions heightened my awareness about not only the farm workers’ plight but the plight of so many people around the world who suffer from a lack of a voice.  Cesar Chavez was the farm workers voice. He showed me that the rich don’t really feed the poor; the poor feed the rich. Those days in California were back in the 50’s.  I am 65 now and it is because of the brave actions of Cesar Chavez that I have a passion for social justice issues.  He broadened my awareness and taught me to have compassion for all people.  When I eat a strawberry or a piece of lettuce I send a blessing to the one who picked it.  I also send a blessing to Cesar for I pray he helped that person make a fair wage for their hard work.