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"Collective Wave Project"

Collective Wave Project

I appreciate this opportunity to share.. Specially, since I recently subscribed to this this website a few weeks ago due to a reflection paper I wrote for my political science class. About 3 years ago, I have educated myself on how our society works and the unsustainable way of living that is around us. Therefore, I have learned that is is very important to grow our own food since farms today are being controlled and contaminated, as well as the food of good farms is expensive..

I started an project called Collective Wave, which is an action taken in order to create, build and establish a self-sufficient and sustainable/family community in order to ensure health, education and a life full of love for future generations to come, in which will help heal our planet from today’s mistreatment.

This is the blog from our project. eventually we are looking forward to be 100% self-suffcient inside the city.. and that means, our own food, our own clothes, our own energy, our own water, our own education, and medicine, build our own furniture and more.. I believe that keeping everything local, will make an amazing global impact in our society, specially if we all talk part on this..


POLS1 - 04/05/13
Reflection Paper
“Cesar Chavez”

It is very inspiring to learn about Cesar Chavez. I have heard a little bit about his work before,

and now I know in detail the amazing projects he accomplished and all the people he helped.

Cesar Chavez grew up in poverty, which at the end it helped him understand how to help the

farm workers and organize a union. In the U.S History in Context from the City college library it

mentioned that “Chavez’s ability to represent the interests of migrant workers so effectively was

a direct result of his early life.” He was a great leader for the people, inspiring still to this date.

I was amazed that there were approximately 100 thousand agricultural workers as members of

the United Farm Worker Organizing Committee (UFWOC), year 1966.

I also appreciate very much that Cesar Chavez’s accomplishments were non-violent. He was

inspired by leaders such as Mahatma Gahndi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He wrote an

article in april 1978 for the Maryknoll magazine in honor of Dr. King called “He showed us the

way“ in which one of his statements was “demonstrations and marches, strikes and boycotts

are not only weapons against the growers, but our way of avoiding the senseless violence that

brings no honor to any class or community.”

Even in this generation, Cesar Chavez makes a huge impact. The week before Cesar Chavez’s

birthday, Arturo S. Rodriguez,  president of United Farm Workers (UFW) was excited to

announce that farm workers are taking action and marching for immigration reform in different

cities around the country, specially Washington DC.

On October 8th 2012, President Obama traveled to Keene, California to honor the legacy of

Cesar Chavez with a national monument on a property called “Nuestra Señora Reina de la Paz”,

a peaceful place recognized by the farm worker movement. The last words of Obama’s speech

were: “Our world is a better place because Cesar Chavez decided to change it, let us honor his

memory but most importantly, lets us live to his example… Si se Puede! “

It is amazing to have to organizations such as: The Cesar Chavez Foundation,

www.cesarechavezfoundation.org, The United Farm Workers www.ufw.org, and the United

Farm Workers Foundation http://www.ufwfoundation.org still working strong to this date and

having many victories for this genereation of farmers. Plus, they also provide other programs

such as low-income housing and education for future generations to come.

I have learned from different perspectives and experiences that us humans need to learn how to

trust each other and not use shields to protect ourselves but to live our lives to the fullest with no

fear, all by having peace. This has helped me understand and appreciate my life now. And it is

exciting to fiind this understanding with Cesar Chavez. Written on a monument wall in the

property Nuestra Señora de la Paz, “It is my deepest belief that only by giving our lives do we

find life” .-  Cesar Chavez