Cesar Chavez

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"College Student's educaton outside the classroom"

College Student's educaton outside the classroom

I was an Art student at Cal State Northridge in the mid 70’s. Little did I know that through one of my Chicano Studies classes I would become involved with the UFW in it’s community organizing efforts in the San Fernando Valley as well as participate in the March on Gallo.  During my activities as a community organizer as well as a volunteer, I learned how to set up picket lines, yell louder than the Gallo counter picketters as well as the basics of non violent means to organize and share the struggles of the Union as it was fighting for the rights of farmworkers. I had the great pleasure to spend one Thanksgiving in La Paz and danced with Cesar after dinner. I cherish by time as a volunteer with the UFW and continue to support their efforts as I can.