Cesar Chavez

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"Colorado or Bust"

I started working in the fields around San Angelo, TX, my hometown, about the age of 5 or 6. We started coming to Colorado as migrant farmworkers in 1963 when I was 15 and I settled in CO in 1965. My family continued to go back and forth to Texas for another 3 years until my parents’ health started to fail. We had lived in a farm labor camp in Ft. Lupton, CO, and ironically, a few years later I went to work for a private, nonprofit corporation and after the State Health Department condemned the camp, we razed it and started a self-help housing program building affordable, low income single family homes. We expanded to rehabbing a large farm labor camp in Granada, CO and also built numerous single family homes, multifamily apartments, and elderly housing units in 4 rural counties throughout Colorado. Through the years I participated in union organizing, strikes, lettuce and grape boycotts, and worked on some of the social issues affecting our gente. I helped campaign for La Raza Unida Party, organized local chapters of UMAS and LULAC, and I was a founding member and first chairman of the Northern Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I continue to support the UFW and will continue to work for ‘la causa’ as long as my health permits and with His guidance. God Bless You All and never forget que ‘SI SE PUEDE’!