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"Connected To Creation"

Connected To Creation

I think Cesar through his work and his lack of egoism came closely connected with I thought I knew him but The March gave me a different perspective of a selfless soul.

After the March I felt closer to the pain and sacrifice of the farm worker. Doloros Huerta became my idol.After the March I designed posters .I still have quite a few vut I have gotton physically weak in my older years.I can send the posters. I have been living in Florida for the past 14 years. No one here cares about the farm workers
I have two special paintings. One was a celebration of Cesar’s Birthday, the other The March, Perhaps the posters could be sold again at this ,memorable time. time. A raffle with a 10$ charge for each raffle. Raffles are separate for each painting. Posters would be 15$ contribution.