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"César Chávez in the Spanish Classroom"

César Chávez in the Spanish Classroom

I would like to start by saying that many of my students knew “of” César Chávez, but few knew what a great man he was. Needless to say, they were impressed, especially my Mexican-American students, some of whom actually had family who were farm workers at one time.  We read about his César’s life as a boy and the discrimination he suffered and the injustices he witnessed in the fields.  We viewed a powerful documentary film “Viva la Causa.”  I have to say that many of my students were really moved by César’s bravery and determination to use non-violence to accomplish his goals.  Many drew parallels with Martin Luther King Jr.  In Spanish 1, we are focusing our lessons right now on adjectives and how to describe personal qualities.  As a homework assignment, the students read about César and then had to come up with 5 adjectives that described him and 5 that did not describe him.  We brainstormed together and in the photo you will see their poster with 5 of my beautiful Latinas, who wear their heritage proudly. Next week, we will have a writing assignment based on César’s life.  Thank you for promoting his message.