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"Cutting my teeth in activism with the UFW"

Cutting my teeth in activism with the UFW

It was ~1973 and I was ignorant about organizing and the history of peoples’ movements, until I met Burton one night at an open house at the UFW Boycott House in Queens, New York.  Since I had no history of activism Burton wanted to know what I was doing there.  How I got there I don’t know but it now seems like divine intervention.  What drew me in was how much I admired the dedication of the people who were living in the house and working full time on the boycott.  The politics of the struggle for justice came later, first I was attracted to and needed role models.

I helped work on the Gallo and iceberg lettuce boycott in New York and when I visited California I remembering flyering in front of Safeway.  The organizing radicalized me and today I identify strongly as an activist.