Cesar Chavez

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"El Maestro y El alumno (The teacher and the student)"

El Maestro y El alumno  (The teacher and the student)

Cesar and Dolores had a great impact in my life as an activist, an educator and a parent. Cesar first inspired me during my college years as an undergrad and a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) Pasadena City College chapter. I remember participating in the Grape boycotts of the late 1980’s and how I was trying to convince my community not to buy non-union grapes at the Boys Market in El Sereno, California. He made me want to educate my community of the struggle of the farm worker. My mother and grandmother had been migrant farm workers in Texas picking cotton during the late 60’s / early 1970’s. They shared how they had no rights working in the fields and how they had to work from sunrise to sunset for meager wages. Understanding the sacrifices my family had made to provide a better life for me and my brother inspired me to join in a humble way the great struggle that Cesar and Dolores had undertaken to better the working and living conditions of farm workers. He inspired me to become an educator in the classroom and teach my students about the farm worker movement and the importance of fomenting change through peaceful non-violent civil disobedience and other means such as letter writing campaigns, teach ins, promoting change at the ballot box and demonstrating when necessary. He made me realize that we can reach for the stars and beyond and as activists, educator and parent I must continuously keep the faith and advocate for what is just and equitable. In this manner, we honor his life and we are his legacy. A generation of activists, educators, and parents that will advocate for what is just in our society at all political levels.