Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"First airplane flight"

In the mid 70’s I began my teaching career in what some called ghetto Oakland CA. Not only did I immediately find my ultimate love of a career but also discovered solid ways to express my commitment to social causes, defining many of the active paths that I follow to this day. One weekend, able to used my newly gained freedom afforded me by my new salary I booked a Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) to visit my brother in Los Angeles. In those days pilots did give a sort of running commentary about where we were, what you could see.  As a neophyte air traveler but seasoned car traveler, I, of course had a California map opened on which I was charting our flight. When the pilot announced Delano, imagine the surprise of the passenger next to me when, from my mouth, came “Viva la Huelga!”  Not more than a couple of weeks previously, I had joined some of my fellow teachers when we drove to connect with the farmworkers, bringing food & clothing, walking the road with Cesar, adding our presence and defining our commitment.  Will I always remember that? Of course! Have I continued to be present and take a stand ..of course.  And hopefully, while my own actions over the years have defined one who is not silent, my own children, grown and adult now, learned early on that neither of their parents wanted them to grown up not taking a stand….to examine issues, be educated, and get off the picket fence and be counted.