Cesar Chavez

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"Following the cause"

Following the cause

I was barely 17. I took a break from school and my parents told me to get a job. Since I was familiar or a patient of your Calexico Medical Clinic, I headed myself and spoke to the manager. I volunteered and started working as her assistant on February 14, 1976. The only reason I became her assistant is that she did not speak any English and I was somewhat able to speak some words. I started to learn the health care business by assisting the receptionist, medical records and sometime the nurses and doctor helping translate. My mother and sisters were farmworkers and my dad (Juan Guicho) worked in the office. I was familiar with La Causa since our house was often visited by organizers, volunteers, nurses and doctors that worked with the union. I can say now 38 years later that this opportunity changed my life and gave me a better direction that any school could have given me. I developed a greater sense of community and social justice. I was able to walk along great man and women who believe and took action on those believes. Si se puede y que Viva La Causa!