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"For Cesar chavez"

For Cesar chavez

My name is Maddlyn Martinez and I attend Our Mother of Mercy catholic school in Fort Worth, TX. Earlier this year I participated in a history fair. While trying to find a topic, my teacher said to look up Cesar Chavez. I looked him up and as soon as I read about him I knew that that was what I wanted to do my project on. I loved what he did and the struggle he went through to change the way for his people. I did a big project on him that consisted of two poster boards and a documentary. I entered the project in the fair and I came home with a ribbon for honorable mention. I was more happy to put out the information of Cesar Chavez and the Chicano movement then to get the ribbon. If I didn’t get anything else out of this project, I got pride of my heritage of being a Hispanic. Si se puede!