Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Fred Ross Sr. trained me as an organizer"

I had spent a year studying at the Mexican American Center in San Antonio, TX and was hired by Fr. Louie Vitale to be an organizer and lobbyist for the Justice and Peace Center in Las Vegas.  The summer before starting there, my social justice coordinator asked me if I would like to be a boycott organizer for the UFW.  I said YES, and Fred Ross Sr. came to the house and interviewed me.  He hired me on the spot and I went to work that summer in South Central LA organizing black churches to support the boycott.  We negotiated with store managers, picketted stores..picketted the Teamster Offices ...the whole gamit.  Chris Hartmire was in charge of the interfaith farmworker support committee and very much a part of that effort and my immediate boss was Jim Drake.  It was a great summer.  Cesar came to town for a rally in Lincoln Park and we promoted that event bringing in loads of people. In Las Vegas, Ed Dunn ofm, and I gave support to the farmworkers organizing events and promoting support.