Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"From a distance, then up close"

From a distance, then up close

1962: Met very-quiet Cesar, Helen, Paul and Anthony (he an infant) at California Migrant Ministry Retreat. Didn’t think much of him one way or another.
1968: Joined Helen on FW Credit Union staff. Temp help in Legal Dept. in Coachella.
1968-70: Participated in Friday night meetings, marches, celebrations.
1970: Grape Boycott in NY, NJ, Ohio
1971: Membership, Legal as needed. Then “temp” in Cesar’s office and that lasted until late 1973, at La Paz when I was fired for disagreeing with C’s strategy. (Later forgiven!)  Picket lines at stores, vineyards.
1973-1983: Organized small and large fund-raisers for UFW. Visited La Paz, C’s parents’ funerals—stayed in touch.
1999: Published FIELDS OF COURAGE: REMEMBERING CESAR CHAVEZ & THE PEOPLE WHOSE LABOR FEEDS US, a memoir of years with fw movement..