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"From Falfurrias to Delano"

From Falfurrias to Delano

My early memories begin at around 5 or 6 years old picking cotton in a small canvas sack my dad made for me in fields around Falfurrias and Robstown ,Tx. In, 1962 my family migrated to area just west of Ducor working for Frank Lucich Farms..For this rancher and various others my brothers and I picked anything potatos ,tomatoes, green beans ,and of course grapes . We thinned leaves , throwing cane , pick gandola ,tying and training vines , in later jobs discing ,weed spraying ,irrigation of grape fields . From day one, I saw the rancher attitude and demeanor, some what as a tyrant , that basically felt we owed all our loyalty ,work and would not exsist with out the work he gave us. I remember have to use open fields to use bathroom, no fresh water , no breaks ,working long hours,NO RIGHTS, No VOICE: THEN CESAR came along ,my mentality opened up! There I was picketting Frank Lucich where I had once swamped grapes ,and later doing the same in Chula Vista at Safeway Store while at school . Having lived the life of a farmworker along side my parents and siblings has given me an understanding the impact of this Union and all other Unions, for this nation could not function much less exsist .I am proud to of joined The Farmworkers Union back in1971 ,  Max A. Mendoza