Cesar Chavez

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"From protester to enforcement to community give back"

From protester to enforcement to community give back

It was in the 60’s that I met my hero, Cesar Chavez when he came to Pueblo, colorado.I was a college student at that time engaged in non-violent protests against unfair and discriminatory practices. Cesar inspired me to do more for the Mexican-American community. I had planned to become a lawyer and fight for justice for our people . I had been accepted to Stanford and Colorado University Law schools. I never attended because I was hired as a civil rights investigator for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission where I investigated hundred of cases and many were for the interest of Farm workers through out the state for 10 years. I continued to work and rose to the title of Director of Regional Offices where I was responsible for the mediation of cases as well as supervision of 5 regional offices of the Colorado Civil Rights commission in Colorado and woked in that position for 20 more years. I continued to suport the UFW through donations during that time. After retirement I continued to commit myself to ending discrimination and joined the LULAC council. I am the chair of the civil rights committee and hold the position of State Director for the State of Colorado. The Pueblo Council of LULAC #3043 established a Cesar Chavez Birthday Celebration by holding a commuity luncheon where the proceeds go to a scholarship fund for deserving Latino scholars.At yesterday’s luncheon I was honored by the Council in receiving the Cesar Chavez human rights award. I am humbled by the presentation but yet proud to have my name next to my hero Cesar Chavez. And still after 55 years of woking in the area of civil rights the fight for me goes on. Had it not been for the influence of Cesar I would not have made fighting for justice and equality a mainstay in my life. Thank you Cesar Chavez. Viva la Causa ! Viva la Causa!
Tom Duran