Cesar Chavez

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"Grape Boycott"

My name is, Frank Rodriguez, from Detroit, Michigan. Ever since I’ve first heard about the heroic efforts and dedication of Cesar Chavez (‘70’s); even until this day, I still participate in the boycott of grapes. I refuse (in-spirit) to eat any kind. I cannot allow myself to enjoy the fruits at the expense (especially health-wise) of the labor of my Brothers & Sisters.
Be assured, when UFW needs public-support, Detroit does not hesitate to go to the streets.
I’m also, so very proud, of my Prima: Cindy Estrada; who went to California (several years ago) and was able to work and learn directly from Cesar Chavez. She is now the 1st Latina to hold a V.P. position with the U.A.W.
Viva La Causa
Frank Rodriguez