Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause



I remember being a small child and going to demonstrations with my mom, I did’nt understood the movement fully at that time only that people were being treated unfairly and also that we couldnt have grapes and at times certain lettuce’s. At every restaraunt we went to my mom would ask the waitstaff where there lettuce and other produce came from. I was small then but as my brother and I got older we were still traveliing to demonsrations and understanding even more of the atrocities going on. We are from Michigan and my Dad was born into a family of 11 brothers and sisters and they travelled around to pick the fields and trees, he spent summers in Traverse City picking cherries. I looked up to the workers that were fighting the fight and I still do, as do my children now. I also looked up to Ceasar Chavez and spent time learning about him and his life, he is at the same level as Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders to me. As I said we grew up without grapes which were and still are my favorite fruit, when my brother and I became adults and saw our Mother eating grapes we nearly fell to the floor and realized that we could’ve been eating them for a while now, it was just so ingrained in us not to that we never thought to. I now have a tattoo of grapes on my arm and to me they signify FLOC and the UFW and that time in my life.