Cesar Chavez

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"Hail Cesar!"

Hail Cesar!

About six months before Cesar passed, I asked him if he would come to my Bookstore and do a Book Signing. At the time, The UFW was promoting “Conquering Goliath"by Fred Ross. Cesar tells me in his humble way"No one is going to show up for me”. I tell him “Are you kidding me?....You are Cesar Chavez!”

Turns out Cesar signs books , flags,memorabilia and all kinds of stuff for about 6 hours straight. The line was endless, but his spirit wasn’t.

That day in November in Uptown Whittier,Ca. will never be forgotten. People still remind me about and love to reminisce about that day and the GREATNESS that was and is Cesar Chavez…....Que Viva La Causa! and Si Se Puede!