Cesar Chavez

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"His body guard"

His body guard

I am a Dominican Sister of Peace. I met Cesar when he came to Cleveland, I believe in 1980’s, Ohio to speak at the Catholic Diocese, the Commission on Catholic Community Action. He also went all around the state of Ohio where there immigrants.  I had the privilege to travel with him through out the state of Ohio and the opportunity to be his body guard!  That was an experience, I have always had in my memory, even though I suffered from a right brain aneurysm in 2008 and with that I lost my long term memory. But not this memory that I kept in my brain.He is unforgettable! I got to represent the Akron Dominicans on the Board of the National Farm Worker Network and got to be involved in the campaigns of the UFW.  I got to go to Bakersfield, CA and meet with Cesar there.  My involvement with the UFW and NFWM was full of activism. Virginia Nesmith has a memory of when we were a meeting with some big corporation and I started with the Farm Worker prayer.  I wish I could say more about it, but because of my brain injury, I cannot bring it up.  All I could say it was something special.