Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause



First of all it was my ancestors who got Cesar Chavez to come to Delano Ca. because Filipinos were paid less then Mexicans in slave farm labor.
My father who was not a farm worker wanted us to go and work in the fields so I would know how hard farm workers worked. I told him no. I am already working hard, I do not need to see how they the workers are treated. I would go to school and set my degree. 

Cesar Chavez mentioned if we cared about justice, we should not partake of the milk, cream, butter of cows nor the eggs of chickens because those farm animals were the worse enslaved by the system. I became a vegan because he said that.
As a young student Cesar Chavez would come to the parish of St Agnes in Los Angeles and be with the Fathers of the Precious Blood. perhaps he taught our community to continue to fight for social justice for all.