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"How I got into the UFW"

How I got into the UFW

I was part of a group called MEChA in Modesto Junior College and we were invited to a student conference in La Paz.  Several of us went for the weekend and we met Dolores Huerta, Richard Chavez, Paul Chavez and Arturo Rodriguez and I got really inspired by them so I signed up to help out with the Strawberry Campaign and leaflet supermarkets in the Modesto area.  Alicia Sandoval, an Organizer from the Los Angeles Public Action office would fax me the flyers and we would make copies to go leaflet the local supermarkets.  Soon after in the summer of 1997, I was invited to an internship with the LA Office and within a week, I knew that I wanted to work for the UFW.  I asked a staff person by the name of Cecilia Ruiz (unbeknownst to me, she was a UFW National Vice President) how I could apply to stay on permanently.  She responded, “You want to work for the UFW? I said, “Yes”.  She then responded, “Your hired!”.  As they say, the rest is history, since I am still here!!