Cesar Chavez

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"Huelga! Huelga!"

Huelga! Huelga!

This word took on a different meaning for me helping to change my life and give a direction as to what I wanted to do in life.  I was introduced to “the movement” by a good friend, Luz M. Prieto, daughter of life long supporter & community leader, Dr. Jorge Prieto (he also delivered me!)  I learned the plight of those less fortunate, the exploitations by many corporations who’s only goal was profits=$$$,  how farmworkers, their families, including children were exposed to toxic pesticides, enduring long hours in the sun hunched over, no precious 15 min. breaks allowed here,  no medical assistance, living in tiny cardboard shacks for a few dollars a day. without a voice.  That’s until Mr. Chavez stepped in1   I joined the ranks of those hoping to make some changes in their lives and attended many protests in the city of Chicago, carrying picket signs & shouting, “huelga, huelga!”  I went to rallies & marches shouting, “don’t buy grapes, don’t buy lettuce” but also spoke to hundreds of shoppers at various big chain grocery stores (Jewel) attempting to educate them on the plight of the farm workers.  I knew then i had to also be the voice of my people!