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"I Did Not Know Cesar Chavez"

I Did Not Know Cesar Chavez

At first I wasn’t going to respond to this request. I did not know much about Mr. Chavez. I had heard his name in regard to the actions he took while i was growing up. But I knew nothing much about him. Which I consider a critique against education in America. As I grew and matured I began to learn more about my world. I became more politically aware. I became aware of how important people like Mr. Chavez is to us all. How as long as any one of us suffers we all suffer. How much we need organization, protests, unions. How the people need a voice, dignity and each other.
This is not much of story. I did not know Cesar Chavez. But what I do know is that America and the world needs Cesar Chavez and all the people like him. For human dignity, for justice and for equality. I thank God for the brave people like Cesar Chavez willing to face danger, violence and suffering because his fellow human beings should not have to.